What is Payee?

Payee is an API-first debt collection service for ERP-s, invoicing softwares, CRM-s, financial management softwares, who can easily integrate our service to their portfolio.


Use cases:

Use Payee API as a creditor

If you are a creditor, you can easily connect to Payee via the Payee API in your own system (your own ERP, invoicing, etc.), making it even faster and easier for you to start the process directly from your system.

Use Payee API as an aggregator platform

And if you run a platform (billing, ERP, condo management software), we can connect the two platforms - your platform and Payee - through this API. If you are interested, please contact us and we will get back to you.

Handbook for developers to start integration:


Sandbox environment

Details are here: https://payee.readme.io/reference/sandbox-environment


You can generate an API key easily within Payee, the steps are here: https://payee.readme.io/reference/api-key



A User is an individual who has registered with Payee on behalf of a company or on their own behalf. To create a User, an email address must be provided, and optionally the full name, contact details and any associated identifier of the individual can be provided. To create a User, a Client must be created.


The Client is the company or individual who wishes to use Payee to enforce their claims. To create a Client, you can enter any ID you wish, or optional other information.